About Jubilee - A New Beginning!

We aim to support poor & vulnerable individuals and families by providing them direct financial assistance, including helping them cancel their household debts and arrears. This is so that they would have an opportunity to begin afresh, thus getting a 'new start' in life.

To further ensure that the beneficiaries are supported through their challenging life situations, we will also equip volunteers to be befriender mentors to the beneficiaries.

"Giving in whatever way we can is our privilege. Our hand to help someone brings the poorer among us closer to us. I urge you to give to this cause."

Ms Ang Bee Lian
Director of Social Welfare
Ministry of Social and Family Development

"Cross-sector collaborations is an encouraging trend. Partnership with corporate agencies is getting stronger and indeed the corporate sector has much to offer. The integration of volunteers into the social service consciousness is an important part of the development of our society. I am happy to see that this Jubilee project is initiating precisely such a thing."

Mr Sim Gim Guan
Chief Executive Officer
National Council of Social Service