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Partner Agencies are NCSS registered members that qualify to apply for Jubilee Fund disbursement or to nominate volunteers for the Volunteer Training programme.

(The registration date for Partner Agencies has been closed on 31 December 2014.)

Our Partner Agencies

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"Care Corner's Jubilee Project is a timely reminder that the blessings we receive are never meant simply for our own benefit, but in order that we may be a blessing to others.

Biblically, the Year of the Jubilee is the year of cancellation of debts. In this special year of celebration, all debts were cancelled to allow people to start on a clean slate, regardless of their past. This reflects the special place God has in His heart for the poor and disadvantaged. It is therefore most apt that Care Corner's Jubilee Project is aimed at helping families in financial difficulty clear their arrears and debts.

Lakeside Family Services is pleased to partner with Care Corner in this meaningful project."

Mr. Teo Tee Loon
Executive Director
Lakeside Family Services

"This is a wonderful example of applying the biblical concept of Jubilee Year to raise funds to clear the debts incurred by low-income families who are known not only to Care Corner FSC but also other agencies. I am personally grateful for the assistance given to the beneficiaries we serve."

Linda Auyong
Social & Community Services (Singapore)
Programme Department
The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters