Story of the Poor and Vulnerable

Poor & vulnerable Individuals and families often seek help from social service agencies such as Family Service Centres (‘FSC’) . In a year alone, the 43 FSCs across Singapore attended to a total of 25,830 cases*.

Challenges faced by these poor and vulnerable include:
  • chronic illness
  • single parenthood
  • disability
  • displacement
  • incarceration of a family member
  • family violence
  • addiction issues

In spite of case workers subscribing to various financial and social support means for these families, there are those that face persistent distress from these challenges and begin to accumulate household arrears as they struggle to cope.

How can we help them

Your participation in Jubilee – A New Programme is thus vital in providing some relief to these less fortunate in our community.

Jubilee Fund Recipient - Story No. 1
Jubilee Fund Recipient - Story No. 2
Jubilee Fund Recipient - Story No. 3

* Names of beneficiaries have been changed

*Source from MSF, FSC Development Branch – FY2012